Subcontracts in PropXls - SmartGrant

To add Subcontracts in a PropXls Budget

  1. When logged into SmartGrant, open the GPID# you wish to edit
  2. Click PropXLS Budget
  3. Scroll down to Budget
  4. Click under the Non-Personnel column the $amt in the period you would like to add the sub
  5. Click Insert Line
  6. Scroll list and select Subcontractor
  7. Scroll list and select specific Subcontractor **Note - if the subcontractor you want is not there, please fill out a sponsor/subcontractor request form
  8. Click Update **do not add $ as sub costs should be included in your total direct costs
  9. Click the Back Arrow on top of budget page ** not the browser back arrow

Make sure to RESET the IPF FORM data, if already created, as follows

  1. Click Non-Budget Information
  2. Click Print Forms
  3. Click Reset Form Data ** to the right of Proposal Form Set
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Edit ** Internal Processing Form
  6. Scroll to Page 2 ** you should see the Subcontractor on the IPF.