Stronger Proposals Through Effective Evaluation Plans


The message of this workshop was greater accountability: of PIs to the funding agency and of the funding agency to Congress.  So, designing and implementing effective and efficient evaluation plans makes proposals to all agencies more competitive (and provides PIs with useful materials to communicate  the impact of their projects with all audiences).  The logic model, a schematic tool for evaluation design, was introduced and demonstrated.

The speaker was William Miller, Director of Program Development and Evaluation, Center for Agriculture, College of Nat. Sciences.

The discussant was  Joe Berger, Assoc. Dean for Research, School of Education; Professor of Policy Research and Administration (EPRA).

Coordinator:  Barbara Pearson, Research Associate, Office of Research Development (; 545-5023)
Cosponsored by the Office of Research Development and the CNS Ad Hoc Working Group on Broader Impacts.

PDF of the info above (pdf)
One page handout: "10 Hints and 10 Flaws" from EVALU-ATE Evaluation Resource Center for Advanced Technological Education 

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