Reseach Development Support for Postdoctoral Fellows

Consistent with recommendations of the National Post-Doctoral Association, UMass Amherst Office of Research Development (ORD) is augmenting support services for Postdoctoral fellows. 

Suggestions for Fellows

The NPA Toolkit for Responsible Conduct of Research merits particular attention.


  • ORD workshops and other training are open to post-docs on a space-available basis.  Consult the schedule, and contact ORD for registration information.
  • Some of the OGCA Brown Bags may be relevant for post-docs.  Consult their schedule and find registration information here.
  • A new workshop focused on mentoring and career development is currently being developed specifically for post-docs. Information will be forthcoming through OGCA. Interested individuals, post-docs or mentors, should contact the ORD staff.

Finding funding opportunities

  • A long list of grant and fellowship opportunities for post-docs can be found on the UC Berkeley sponsored programs office website:  for biological sciences, for social sciences, and for humanities.
  • To search for other postdoctoral funding, the IRIS Database has been specifically recommended for post-docs.  The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a subscriber to the service which can be used from on-campus computers. (For use on your personal computer, see the IRIS access page.)  
  • More funding opportunities can be found in the COS Funding Opportunities database.  

For help using the funding opportunities databases, please contact the Early Stage Research Development specialists.

Suggestions for Mentors

The National Post-Doctoral Association Toolkits and Resources provide invaluable guidance to institute best practices for mentoring post-docs in your lab.  Especially in the period when UMA's post-doc policy is being negotiated, reference to NPA forms and guidelines can inform your mentoring plans and will ensure that you are providing adequate professional development support.  An example mentoring plan can be found here.

Individuals interested in a peer-mentoring group for mentors, should contact the Academic Liaison in ORD. 

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