PropXls Budget Creation - SmartGrant

** Please note ** Before proceeding with budget creation, for best results, the settings in the SmartGrant browser setting document should be followed.

To build a PropXLS in SmartGrant:

  1. Log to
  2. Enter Login ID = UMASS NETID
  3. Enter Password = UMASS NETID password
  4. Click Proposal Functions
  5. Click Create/Update PropXLS Proposal (5th button on left)
  6. Click New PropXLS (top button)
  7. Enter Long Title
  8. Click Short Title (title will default to this field)
  9. Select (Yes or No)
  10. Click Sponsor
  11. Enter Sponsor Name
  12. Click Search ** if you cannot find your Sponsor, please contact us with the Sponsor details.
  13. Under Choose Sponsor – Select the drop down
  14. Select Sponsor in drop down
  15. Click Select
  16. Click Update ** the PI field is auto populated to your name and department (0504).
  17. Click OK
  18. Click Budget Prelim Info
  19. Enter Start Date
  20. Enter End Date
  21. Click  Calculate
  22. Click Complete
  23. Click OK
  24. Click PropXLS Budget
  25. Scroll down page to Budget section
  26. Click on categories $0.00 to begin
  27. Non-Personnel entry – Click Insert Line
  28. Enter Amount
  29. Click Update
  30. Click Back Arrow (top page)
  31. Click Non-Budget Information
  32. Click Print Forms
  33. Click OK
  34. Add and Proposal Related Documents – Click Add Document
  35. Click Edit – Internal Approval Form
  36. Add data if needed
  37. Click Save and Exit
  38. Click Back to Non-Budget Information
  39. Click Back to Create/Update Proposal
  40. Click Submittal Processes
  41. Click Online Routing
  42. Click Start Routing
  43. Click Accept Proposal
  44. Click Update ** your proposal is in routing, you will receive emails confirming approval.
  45. Click Back to Create/Update Proposal
  46. Click Back to Proposal Functions Menu
  47. Click Exit