Revised Budgets

Revised budgets are generally requested by the sponsor if the proposal is up for consideration for an award. Revised budgets may be less or more than the original request. If the change in the amount of the revised budget is greater than 10% or there are changes to commited resources such as personnel, cost-sharing, etc., the Internal Processing Form (IPF) must be re-routed for approval signatures through Smart Grant.

Revised budgets must be created in SmartGrant by either the Business Manager or Principal Investigator and then submitted to OGCA.  OGCA will then review and submit the revised budget following the directions provided by the sponsor (e.g. Fastlane, revised package, email, etc.)

To create a revised budget in SmartGrant:

  1. Log in to Smart Grant
  2. Click Proposal Functions
  3. Click Create/Update Proposal
  4. Click Create Revision
  5. Click get proposal by GPID
  6. Enter in the original GPID number
  7. Click OK  - this will create a new GPID that retains the root of the original GPID number  with the addition of “R1” at the end of the original number
  8. Click Intro Proposal Data
  9. Begin editing GPID#R1 with revised data.

In order to bring in current rates (salary and fringe) for named people whose salaries are coming from the HR profile, it will be necessary to 1) delete the person(s) in the Intro Proposal Data screen, enter a "dummy" person preferably from the same department, or yourself, 2) then update, go back in and delete the "dummy" person and re-enter the person(s) who are actually on the proposal, 3) Click the Depts/%Credit icon and remove any departments that may have been added from the dummy person, 4) and then repopulate the effort in the budget.  This will bring in current rates if they have changed since the original submission.

When submitting further revised budgets to the sponsor (R2, R3, etc), use the root GPID plus r1, and so on for subsequent revisions.  Never edit a budget within an existing GPID if the budget associated with that GPID has already been submitted by OGCA to the sponsor.  Always create additional revised budgets by working through the process noted above.  There can be multiple “R” records when a sponsor continues to pursue budget changes.

 If the budget changes by less than 10%, and the sponsor still requests a revision, the IPF does not need to be rerouted for approvals.   Be sure to alert the OGCA Pre-award Administrator when the revised budget has been completed in SmartGrant.

Consult with the Sponsor Specific Resources area of the web page for further sponsor specific guidance on the submission of revised budgets.  NSF/FastLane in particular has a clearly articulated process.