Fact Sheet

For information and proposal relevant factoids, refer to the Fact Sheet.  The following items are covered:

  • Benefited Positions (fringe)
  • Non-benefited positions (fringe)
  • Non- Benefited Positions  (fringe)
  • Faculty Summer Salary (fringe)
  • Graduate Students (fringe & curriculum fee)
  • Postdoctoral Fellows (post doc fringe)
  • Student Summer Payroll (fringe)
  • Federal Indirect Cost Rates
  • Non- Federal Indirect Cost Rates
  • Political Subdivision 
  • University's Authority to Enter Into Contractual Agreements
  • University's Legal Name
  • University's Tax Exempt Status
  • Authority to Sign Applications and Proposals and to Accept Grants and Execute Contracts for Sponsored Programs
  • Miscellaneous Pertinent Information
  • Full Fact Sheet For Printing