Emeritus (retired) faculty are eligible to be principal investigators as long as both the Department Head and Dean sign the IPF.

Salary charged to sponsor when combined with retirement salary cannot exceed the base annual salary upon retirement. If the Emeritus had an academic year appointment, summer salary can be charged to the sponsor without effecting the retired salary equation: retirement + sponsor funded salary = not greater than base salary upon retirement.

Fringe is assessed on summer and academic salary as follows:

  • Worker’s Compensation, UI, UHU, MTX

See fringe information on the Fact Sheet for current rates on Worker’s Compensation et al.

Emeritus Status is available only to those faculty who have permanently retired from the University. Normally, it is granted only to those with ten or more years of service to the University and who have attained the rank of full professor. Emeritus status is awarded by the Chancellor only upon recommendation by the Provost.