Procedure for Indirect Cost Waiver/Reduction

1. Indirect cost waivers are not required in order to accept documented alternate rates if they are mandated by the funding source, either in the published grant or program announcement or as a written policy which is applicable to all applicants. If the rate is not available by either a written policy or published guidelines, you must request a waiver. When in doubt, contact OGCA.

2. The Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement may reduce indirect costs rates with substantial justification. Such reductions are an exception rather than the rule. The process to seek such a reduction is as follows.

a. The PI sends a request to their department chair/head with copies to the dean and to, providing the following:

(i) identify the funding source and the grant announcement

(ii) identify any additional faculty participants and their affiliations

(iii) provide a pro forma budget with and without the requested indirect cost rate reduction

(iv) a justification of the request

(v) the proposed reduction in the PI share of the RTF return.

b. The department chair/head replies to all parties with comments on item a, and proposes a reduction in the department RTF return.

c. The dean replies to all with comments on items "a" and "b", and proposes a reduction in the school or college RTF return. This step should be completed as soon as possible but not later than 7 business days prior to the OGCA deadline for the proposal.