Getting Started: Critical Information

Did you know?

  • Early-stage proposal development assistance is available. Please contact a member of the Research Development office.
  • It is important that before you start, you determine that you are eligible to be a PI and understand the responsibilities associated with this role.  Please refer to Roles & Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Co-Investigators policy. 
  • Proposals must be submitted to the Office of Grant and Contract Administration 5 working days before the sponsor deadline with all requisite approvals on the Internal Processing Form. The timelines and guidance on what constitutes a complete proposal are contained in the Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure.  
  • There is a process to follow when submitting a proposal for review by OGCA.  Please see Submission Step-by-Step  for details.
  • It is important to understand the requirements around effort before writing your proposal.  Please refer to the Academic Year Salary Recovery and Summer Additional Compensation Policy as well as the  Minimum Effort policy for expectations of minimum effort included in sponsored activities.
  • There is a Fact Sheet with most Institutional Data needed for proposal applications.  The data also include information on indirect cost rates, fringe benefit rates, etc.
  • There is a Proposal Preparation Guide to help you through your proposal development.  The glossary on the righ hand side of the page will help you get to the direct information you are looking for more quickly.
  • There are sponsor toolkits available to help you with specific sponsor applications
  • We have an electronic proposal creation and routing software package available over the internet to help you - see GAMS.
    • To use GAMS you need your Net ID and password, both supplied by OIT
    • GAMS Flowchart: The Path to the IPF - A high level outline of the GAMS steps to creating and routing an IPF.  Confused about how PropXLS, Full Budget and FastGrant relate to producing an IPF?  This could help.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE about PDFs - you MUST create a standard PDFs or your proposal will be rejected - see here for more details
  • Coming to UMass and want to apply for sponsored activities but are not here yet?  To use the electronic system you need:
  • If your proposal includes Human Subjects, Animals or Controlled Substances, please review this document regarding Compliance
  • Any questions on the above points may be directed toward the OGCA Staff member who will be handling your proposal.  See the proposal staff listing by sponsor assignment.