Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Award


The University of Massachusetts Amherst Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship consists of a cash award of $3,500 and a year's release from other duties to enable Fellows to concentrate on research or creative activity.

Selection of the Fellows will be based on demonstrably outstanding accomplishments in research and creative activity as well as the potential for continued excellence particularly with reference to the project proposed in the nomination materials.  Accomplishments in research and creative activity as a faculty member at UMass Amherst will be emphasized; meritorious teaching or service will not advantage a nomination unless the activities are an integral part of the research or creative activity.  So that outcomes of the work proposed in the nomination can enhance the University’s reputation, it is expected that Conti fellows will remain on the faculty for a least one year subsequent to an award. 

Awards will be recommended by a committee of former Conti fellows, appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, after consultation with the Chair of the Research Council.  Recommendations will be forwarded from the committee to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement for approval and awards announced in late Spring 2015.

Before December 5, 2014, Department Heads/Chairs will consult with Personnel Committees to select names of nominees to be forwarded to their academic Deans.   By January 9, 2015, Deans are asked to submit two nominations to the Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement, c/o Christine Burnett.  Colleges or Schools with more than 200 tenure system faculty may include additional nominations up to a maximum of a rounded 1% of their respective faculties.  Each nomination is to be accompanied by a brief statement of up to 1,000 words from the candidate describing how the Fellowship time would be put to use, a complete curriculum vitae, a supporting letter from the nominee's department head/chair, and a list of no more than five external referees and their contact information (including email addresses) from whom recommendation letters will be requested.  Nominators or their designees are expected to work closely with the office of the VCRE to secure recommendation letters in time for the reviews in mid-Spring 2015.

Other nominations, including self-nominations, may be sent directly to the Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement before December 5, 2014; these will be sent to the nominee's Dean for consideration.  Self-nominations should include the information listed above, except that a letter in support of the nomination from a UMass colleague may be submitted in place of a letter from the nominee’s department head/chair.