Nepotism Policy

 Nepotism: Situations involving Nepotism are governed by the State Ethics Commission. For more specific information go here to the Ethics Commission site specifically related to nepotism.

Campus procedure:

Direct supervision of relatives, including spouses, must be fully justified and explicitly approved by the Chancellor. Payroll will not process appointments without prior approval. A letter addressed to the Chancellor requesting approval should be generated which includes an outline of the proposed arrangement and clearly discloses and justifies any familial relationships associated with the request, as well as other supporting information. Before the letter is submitted to the Chancellor, the signatures of the Department Chair and Dean, indicating their support should be obtained. A completed Ethics Commission conflict of interest disclosure form must accompany the letter. The form may be obtained here. Proposals may be sent prior to Chancellor’s Office approval, but an award will only be processed when OGCA has received written approval from the Chancellor’s Office. PI must coordinate matters of nepotism or conflict of interest.