Outreach/ Diversity (Off-campus organizations)

This page lists some of the major off-campus partnerships which can facilitate your contact with community members.  (For on-campus resources, click here.) 


Projects with Amherst Public Schools

Most of us do not think of Amherst as an economically diverse place, but demographic figures for 2011-2012 show that 35% of the Amherst school population is on the rolls for free or reduced lunch, and 52% of the entering kindergarten class is as well.  Members of the central office are working to insure equal access to curricular and extra-curricular activities for all students, and welcome a stronger partnership with UMass.  Proposed projects (research or service) should be channeled through one of the two people listed here, who will try to get you in touch with the right people.  If you already have a contact with an appropriate partner in the schools, they would still like to hear from you.  

1.  Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Stender (stenderk@arps.org) (413) 362-1810 at the offices of the Superintendent, 170 Chestnut St, Amherst.

2.  Office of Teaching and Learning, Wendy Bloomenthal (BloomenthalW@arps.org) (413) 362-1828, also at the Chestnut Street offices.  All research proposals must go through the curriculum supervisors.  Wendy, the Administrative Assistant, is the first point of contact.


Projects aimed at women and girls in science

1. Dot Diva, New Image in Computing  (slick PR for IT as hip)

Launched September 2010, with funding from NSF, ACM, WGBH, and Dot Diva's mission is to create an exciting and positive image of computing for high school girls. Their nationwide survey revealed that not only do the majority of girls think of computing as "boring" and "hard," but they believe it fails to deliver two crucial benefits: "working with others" and "making a difference in other people's lives." Dot Diva's ultimate goal is to transform this negative perception..

Contact Information

Website http://dotdiva.org/index.html


More projects "under construction."  Check out Community Contacts page, a little further along.

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