NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program Limited Submission

This is a preliminary announcement that The University will be changing the requirements to all pre-proposals for future NSF Major Research Instrumentation solicitations. Here is what will be required when submitting your pre-proposal:

1)      A one to two page project summary that must include:

a.       research goals,

b.      equipment specifications,

c.       objectives, and

d.      methods.

2)      A second page that must include:

a.       a short statement of competitiveness (i.e. what you think will discriminate your proposal from the competition, including anything you have done to pre-position yourself/your team for this funding opportunity)

b.      any requirements for cost sharing and how you propose to meet those requirements.

3)      A short-form CV for the PI and each senior staff person.

4)      Estimated proposal budget and an assessment of extended operation costs, revenue sources, and user fees

5)      A signed copy of the Facility Assessment Worksheet (see attached).  


Please note that you will have to work with Design and Construction Management (formerly Facilities planning) to complete #5. The pre-proposal will not be accepted without it.  Please note that this evaluation process may take up to three weeks to complete.

If more than the number allowed express interest in submitting there will be an internal review to select the nominees. The information requested above will serve as a pre-proposal and will be sent to the internal review committee.

The solicitation will be announced later this summer.

Please email Michelle Wonsey with any questions.