NSF Fastlane

UMASS Amherst is a registered NSF Fastlane user. Fastlane enables institutions to electronically submit proposals, rebudget requests, time extensions, final reports, and do other administrative grant activities. We highly recommend that you visit the Fastlane Homepage for more information. There are several programs for which proposals must be submitted through Fastlane.


“To submit through Fastlane, the PI must have a Fastlane account. Additionally, all Co-PI’s and other senior personnel must be registered in Fastlane. To become registered in Fastlane, please provide the following information:

  1. First & Last Name of PI
  2. UMASS E-mail address
  3. UMASS Departmental Phone
  4. UMASS Departmental Fax
  5. Highest Conferred Degree
  6. Discipline of Highest Conferred Degree
  7. Year Highest degree conferred

All employees in The College of Natural Sciences should send the Fastlane information to Mary Bryskiewicz at mbryskiewic@research.umass.edu

All other Colleges should send the Fastlane information to Kim Lowney at klowney@research.umass.edu

The NSF ID, User name and temporary password will be sent to the UMASS email address provided.

You may contact your OGCA administrator (Mary or Kim) for general instructions applicable to UMASS procedures.”