NSF CAREER Resources

These resources are, for the most part, sections of actual NSF CAREER (or other early career) proposals from individuals who have shared them for the UMass Amherst community.  Please restrict your use accordingly--and please report any issues or feedback to the Academic Liaison in the Office of Research Development.  (More CAREER "Nuts and Bolts" from OGCA.)

Notes of my notes from April 2011, Workshop by Steve Russell of Grant Writers' Seminars and Workshops (GWSW)
           "Write Winning Career Award Proposals"

Other resource materials for April 29, Career Mock Panel.

References from GWSW presentation, pointers to references in the Career solicitation; also to 1998 Boyer "Reinventing Undergraduate Education" report (pdf), still a "bible" for educational goals.

Other "tip" sheets from GWSW or Deckard 

Felder (NCSU) "So you want to win a Career Award?"
Hazelrigg 12 Steps to a Winning Proposal
Pazzanni on what kicks a proposal out of the competition (not to do)
Deckard Webinar, April 2010 (samples from TAMU) (and a handout with links to Deckard's resources. Includes materials from Rutgers on developing a teaching philosophy. See especially slides 8 and 9.)

Deckard (of "Research Development and Grantwriting News")-- Webinar, April 2013, on writing a winning NSF Career proposal.

Spring 2011 "More" Career Resources

  • Deckard on Chair's letter (and other refs) for CAREER
  • Deckard on the budget and budget justification
  • Deckard on the Data Plan (general)
  • Deckard advice on Letters of Collaboration (esp. for Career)

NSF resources
       Career Notes for Reviewers
       Career FAQs (2011-2013 edition)
       Career checklist (from nsf--in process of update)
       Evaluation Handbook ("user-friendly," short, helpful)

Don't forget to ask for your early Career Life Balance supplement (for people on family leave status, a program to provide 3 months of salary for "extra personnel" up to $12,000 plus fringe.)  Directions to apply at the link above.

ORD/BP resource 2014 Career Timetable

List of previous awardees from UMA

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