Novel Polymer Capsules Prepared by Interfacial Crosslinking of Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers

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A chemical crosslinking process is used to prepare capsules from PEGylated polyolefins using either oil-in-water (i.e., oil inside the capsule in a water-based system), or water-in-oil system. The covalent network structure of these capsules make them more robust than many other systems under investigation in controlled-release.The unique nature of the crosslinking chemistry is such that the crosslinks can be made either hydrolytically stable or unstable. Those with hydrolytically stable crosslinks have longer carrier lifetimes, while those with hydrolytically unstable crosslinks will degrade over a time period that can be controlled by crosslink density and the type of crosslinker used.


Capsules for controlled release in drug delivery  and release of flavors and scents


A unique feature of this new approach is the ability to construct a "dual release" system in which molecules from both the capsule periphery and from its interior can be separately released in a controlled manner.

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US Patents 7,598,3137,851,543; and 7,989,544  Issued

UMA 03-25
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