NIH - UM as Subcontractor

Follow standard proposal submission procedures – submit proposal documentation listed below to OGCA along with a fully authorized IPF within 5 days of the deadline set for UMass by the lead – this will typically run two weeks ahead of the NIH deadline.

1)  Letter of Intent - a letter signed by OGCA supporting the work referenced in an attached statement of work and budget.  The letter will include the following language as well: 

“The appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel at the University are aware of the PHS consortium grant policy and are prepared to establish the necessary inter-institutional agreements consistent with that policy."

The letter is also referred to as a "Letter of intent" or "Statement of intent" (OGCA handles)

2)  Statement of work

  • UMass specific aims - typically no longer than a page
  • Detailed enough to legally define UMass’ roles and responsibilities in the research
  • Do not blend with lead institution’s aims – provide a discrete description of UMass effort

3)  Subcontractor budget

  • Verify budget format with lead institution – if no preference stated, utilize either PHS 398 budget forms or an Excel spreadsheet. 
  • If the budget is built in GAMS, the option exists to generate the NIH formset from GAMS by deselecting “” under the “Intro to Proposal Data” tab – locate the formset in the IPF section of GAMS by selecting the “Print Forms” tab
  • If lead is submitting a modular budget – submit detailed budget on PHS 398 budget forms (or Excel), along with a Consortium justification (CJ) – only justify/explain personnel (show annual total costs rounded to the nearest $1K - do not show line item costing.
  • In addition, provide a Budget Explanation that details each line item cost (personnel, fringe, supplies, equipment, other, etc).  This information is used by both OGCA and the lead's SRO to assess reasonableness and allowability of your costing.
  • If lead is submitting a non-modular detailed budget – submit detailed budget using the Adobe subcontract budget extract titled "RR_Budget_A-V1.1.pdf" and provide a detailedbudget explanation of each cost category (upload within the "RR_Budget_A-V1.1.pdf" module).  See “Samples and forms”.

Pertinent information for Adobe subcontract module:

  • Indirect cost type:  MTDC
  • Cognizant federal agency:  Department of Health & Human Services, Michael Stanco, 212-264-2069

4)  Additional forms:  PHS 398 Face Page and Checklist (see “Samples and Forms”)

5)  Biosketches of key personnel

  • Do not include headers or footers
  • Do not include funding levels or effort in “Research Support”

6)  Resources page – see SF 424 application guide for specific format

7)  Letter of support from UMass PI – typically optional - check with lead’s SRO

8)  Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (provided by OGCA)

Samples and forms