NIH R01 Proposal Submission Process - outline

OGCA contact for NIH:  Jim Ayres; 577-1594

1)  Registered in the Commons?  If not, email Jim with your full name and, if applicable, confirm previous Commons registration made while at other institutions.

2)  Download proper Adobe Reader – go to Load Software

3)   Locate and download Adobe proposal package by the following methods:

If utilizing FastGrant/GAMS, be sure the proper PA (aka FOA) is loaded in the FastGrant module. 

4)  Download the guidelines, which consist of the Program Announcement (PA) or Request for Application (RFA); and the SF 424 Application Guide.

Although this is a lengthy document, print it off and highlight relevant sections.  The PA/RFA combined with the SF 424 Application Guide combine to form the total guidelines.  Where the two differ, defer to the PA/RFA

Consult the R01 Checklist  provided on the OGCA website for further detailed support.

 5)  Be aware of both the NIH and OGCA deadline.  Completed* proposals and fully authorized IPF’s must be submitted to OGCA within 5 business days of the NIH deadline

If submitted to OGCA with less than 5 days lead time, the proposal is considered late, and a late proposal approval request form must be filed.  See Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure

7)  Completed* proposals have absolutely no omissions/no missing documents whatsoever with the exception of the “science”.  Good draft versions of the “science” can be submitted at the five day mark, with the finalized versions submitted to OGCA within two working days of the deadline.  The following documents make up the “science” on NIH proposals:

  • Abstract
  • Specific Aims
  • Research Strategy
  • References

When appropriate, be sure to mark the documents as “DRAFT”, including the term “DRAFT” in the naming of the files.

8)  NIH proposals may be submitted to OGCA the following ways:

If submitting via Adobe/

  • Proposal emailed to Jim Ayres (preferred)  – keep file size restrictions in mind – UMail - 5MB; UMail with an email client – 15 MB (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • Upload to UDrive – email Jim
  • Proposal saved to a CD and submitted to OGCA

If submitting via GAMS:

  • Proposal completed in FastGrant
  • or, if submitting via GAMS (but not with FastGrant) utilizing GAMS PropXLs (essentially for the eIPF) – upload the Adobe application to the eIPF section of GAMS under “Print Forms”

9)  Completed proposals must be accompanied by a fully authorized IPF.  eIPF’s via GAMS are preferred but hard copy IPF’s are still accepted.  The signatories (chair, dean) to the IPF must be presented with a completed* proposal (electronic or hard copy) as part of the IPF authorization process.

10)  OGCA reviews the proposal for compliance with sponsor guidelines, federal regulations, and UMass policies and procedures.  Once the proposal is ready, OGCA submits and confirms a successful receipt both by and the Commons.  Should either the Commons or reject the proposal for non-compliance, OGCA will work with the PI to resubmit the corrected proposal – The Commons grants 48 hours for resubmission to address the “Errors” and/or “Warnings.”