NIH R01 Other Key Points

  • Budgets exceeding $500,000 direct cost

Applicants must seek agreement to accept assignment from Institute/Center staff at least 6 weeks prior to the anticipated submission of any application requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs for any year.  See NIH Guide announcement.

  • Cost of living increases/inflation factor

NIH limits cost of living increases to 2% (exception – curriculum fee @ 5%)

  • Human subjects & Animal use
  • New and competing renewal proposals can be submitted with the IRB and IACUC review "pending".  Approvals will be required on a Just-in-Time basis subsequent to proposal review by the NIH Peer Review Committee.
  • Continuation progress reports must include current IRB and IACUC approvals.  Cannot submit as pending.
  • Human subjects training requirement:  NIH requires that the PI and all key personnel participate in a training session in the protection of human research participants.  However, proof of training is not submitted at proposal stage but on a Just-In-Time basis when NIH sends notification that the proposal is within fundable range.
  • Salary cap: 

The NIH salary cap is set at Executive Level I.  Current cap?  If any of the budgeted personnel are at or above the cap, each year of their salary must be budgeted using the capped rate without the use of COLA’s.  Contact OGCA’s NIH pre-award administrator for interpretation or if you believe you or any of your budgeted personnel exceed the cap.  The difference between the capped rate and actual pay will be informally cost-shared by UMass.  The PI must cost-share the difference out of an unrestricted account, e.g. RTF.

  • URL's

  NIH does not allow the use of URL's in proposals.