Fiscal Year 2019 Fringe Rate Update

The recently approved fringe rates for Fiscal Year 2019 are now posted to our website and updated in SmartGrant.

For links and further information on how this impacts grant proposals currently in the queue but not yet submitted, please see below:

Updated Fact Sheet for FY’19 - - All new changes are highlighted in yellow.

Graduate Student Calculator – update pending

Important SmartGrant Reminder - With the advent of the new fiscal year, like the COLAs, the new fringe rates will automatically update all SmartGrant based budgets when accessed. Since no mechanism exists to lock down the budgets currently in process that were created prior to July 1, 2018, the budgets will automatically be updated with the new rates when the detailed budget is accessed in SmartGrant. Business Managers and Principal Investigators should evaluate whether or not to revise their budgets to accommodate the changes or to submit with the older rates.

In recognition of the fact that the variance to the budget should generally have minimal impact, we can either submit budgets for active proposals in the pipeline with last year’s rates or the Business Manager and Principal Investigator can opt to make revisions to their budget to accommodate the updates. Our staff are aware of the issue and will be monitoring this closely for proposals due in the first couple of weeks of July.