A New Vaccine for Protection of Children and Adults Against Schistosomiasis

Primary Inventors: 

Lloyd Semprevivo, Ph.D.


Two new vaccines have been developed based on an understanding of host immune responses and how the parasite survives in the immunologically complete host. The new vaccinations utilize the parasite’s own protection mechanism by inducing an IgG immunological response to remove or prevent Schistosoma and Fasciola infections. Laboratory tests in mice have shown 100% effectiveness against Schistosoma and Fasciola virulent challenge, and a preliminary double blind cattle trial conducted in South Africa generated a protection of 75%. 


Veterinary care of large domestic farm animals


Parasitic flatworms cost the animal husbandry industry billions of dollars per year both in the developed and developing world. Existing means of control are inadequate, expensive and in peril from the rise of drug resistant strains. Commercial vaccines for this group of pathogens do not exist but would address a large and lucrative market. These two new vaccines use a means that are highly efficacious in combating members of this parasitic group. They would enhance the human food supply and be far more environmentally and animal friendly than present means of control. These vaccines will aid in the development of other vaccines for parasitic flatworms. 

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Available for Licensing/collaboration/partnering
Patent Status: 
UMA 98-04
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