National Science Foundation Toolkit


Proposals and the budgets for projects being submitted to all sponsors should be developed by principal investigators (PIs) with the assistance of their department and/or Research Business Manager Liaisons (RBML).  Proposals must be submitted to OGCA following the 5 day proposal submission procedure.  Following the 5 day proposal submission procedure, the proposals may include a draft technical section but complete in all other respects (Please review the 5 day proposal submission procedure here for full details).  Proposals and IPFs are routed to relevant signatories and finally to the Office of Grant and Contract Administration (OGCA) for review prior to the official submission to the NSF. 

OGCA reviews each proposal for compliance with both sponsor and University policies. OGCA also reviews the proposal to verify that only allowable costs have been requested and only approved University and/or other vetted personnel such as subcontractors, consultant, fee for services providers are included in the proposal. For a review of allowable costs on Federally-funded projects please click here.

  • OGCA Contacts

For The College of Natural Sciences, Mary Bryskiewicz is the pre-award contact.

For all other Colleges, the pre-award contact is Kim Lowney at

The post award contact for all Colleges is John Fillio at