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Multilevel 3D nanofabrication process using laterally-patterned block copolymer templates and nano wires to yield functionalized nanoscopic structures on various surfaces. Very cost effective method for manufacturing of nano scale structures.

  • Electronic field emission arrays for flat panel displays and spin polarized electron emitters.
  • High density magnetic data storage devices in the 1000 Gbct/in² density range.
  • Solid state thermoelectric cooling devices.
  • Biomolecular diagnostic-sensor arrays.
  • Magnetic electronic devices for magnetic sensing applications and for "spintronics" applications.
  • Cost effective, rapid fabrication of 3D multi-level nanostructures.
  • Field emission arrays which have higher resolution, are less expensive to manufacture and can be thinner, more flexible, and possibly brighter than those currently available.
  • A simple process which allows for the patterning of the ordered arrays of cylinders which can then be filled with electro deposition of many types of metals or substances to accomplish active physical and chemical nano devices.
  • Flexible, thin nanoscopic thermoelectric cooling devices can now be made which may be very energy efficient and cost effective to manufacture.
  • Simple, cost effective process for creating high density magnetic storage, smart media, microelectrodes and molecular electronics.
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Available for Licensing and research collaboration
Patent Status: 

US Patent 7,189,435 issued - additional patents on fundamental technology also available.

UMA 01-26
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