Message: Must Access Budget

You get this message because something in the GPID was changed that might affect the budget. SmartGrant wants to make sure you have looked to ensure that the budget is still what you intend.

Here are the steps you need to take to clear this message.

1. Go into Budget Preliminary Info Screen

2. If there is no Complete Button at the bottom

     a. Click Calculate

     b. Continue with #4

3. If there is a Complete Button at the bottom, continue with #4

4. Verify the Dates/Rates

5. Click Complete

6. If Full Budget

     a. Click Budget Detail On-Campus

     b. Verify the Budget

     c. If budget correct, click Update

     d. If budget not correct, make changes and Update

7. If PropXls Budget

     a. Click Propxls Budget

     b. Scroll down to the budget entry area

     c. Verify budget amounts

     d. If $$ are correct, click on one of the linked $$ fields - it doesn't matter which one

     e. Click Update

     f. If budget is not correct, make changes

     g. Click Update

     h. Click SmartGrant Back arrow at the top of the PropXls Budget screen (not the Browser back button)

8. Go back to whatever function you were attempting when the message appeared. You should be able to proceed.