Materials from March 8 2012 Broader Impacts Workshop

Submitting a Federal Research Grant Proposal?
Learn How to Showcase the 'Broader Impacts' of Your Research (see poster).

Date/Time: March 8, 2012. 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Location: Campus Center Room 1001
Handbook (pdf)  PPTx Slides (Vierling) (Pearson) (so far)

Yes, broader impacts, again. According to new legislation, responsibility for implementing and sustaining broader impacts (BI) of research proposals is shared by the Campus and individual PI's. This workshop aimed to showcase campus resources that PI's can and should use in developing BI plans, with a special focus on broadening minority participation, integrating research and education, and promoting scientific literacy on campus and in society at large. Emphasis was placed on how PI's have taken advantage of Campus resources to make their BI components more competitive and more effective. 

As advertised, this workshop reviewed the basics with an updated slide show of campus resources for Broader Impacts sections.  A PPT is attached and also included in the Handbook (link above).  Paula Rees (of CoE DPO), Mort Sternheim (STEM Ed Institute), John Reiff and David Neely (CESL), Susan Bronstein (LSAMP), Julian Tyson (NEAGEP), Peg Riley and Jenna Farrell (MAS) were on hand to speak with people.  All contact information is in the handbook and slide show (Pearson ppt above).

As advertised, we showcased some novel ideas for BI that people are pursuing (Tyson, citizen-scientists), Patricia Galvis-Assmus (collaborating artist (filmaker) to help make science graphics more readable and also research on what kind of information delivery is most effective).  Kathleen Arcaro could not be there, but I will work with her to incorporate her two contributions: taking advantage of the Gen Ed Integrative Experience and incorporating a community public health component in her research plan to find hard-to-find research participants.  Other presenters explained ways to broaden participation that many people could, but do not use: collaboration with HBCUs--Todd Emerick, Howard University as subcontractor on grant, and REU/RET supplements, Arun Venkataramani of CS.

So, now it's time for everyone to CONNECT, either directly with one of the participants, or through Office of Research Development. 545-5023

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