Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning

Several distinct initiatives are developing at the institutional level to enhance the INTEGRATION of research and may provide a platform for your initiatives. Think about proposing something in your area for one of these programs. (We are gathering examples of faculty involvement as part of a research project...)

Undergraduate Level


New Gen Ed "Integrating Experience" course requirements


Faculty First Year Seminars

Civic Engagement and Service Learning (not just for Honors College)

Graduate Level


CIRTL - UMass has joined a national network of universities devoted to integration of research, teaching and learning.  CIRTL is focused especially at graduate student and post-doc preparation for university teaching at a research university. Look through their constantly changing materials to see if anything strikes you as a reasonable activity for you and/or your lab.  Local contacts are Beth Jakob (in Psychology) and Tillman Wolf (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Wind Energy

Cellular Engineering



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