Instructions for Adding an Expertise Profile to Community of Science

In order to receive Funding Alerts from the Community of Science (COS) database, you must first submit an Expertise Profile on the COS Web site with your departmental address information and a description of your scholarly expertise and research interests. Your new Profile will be processed by the editors at COS over the following weekend, and your Profile should be viewable on the Web on Monday. Within one or two weeks, you should start receiving e-mailed Funding Alerts that include funding opportunities that have been updated or added to the COS database within the previous seven days.

  1. Go on the Web to, fill in the registration information requested on the next few screens, and choose a username and password that will be easy for you to remember. Then click on "I Agree, Complete My Registration."
  2. The next screen that appears offers you an opportunity to add further information to your profile. Click on "Add Details to My Profile Now."
  3. You will now see an interactive version of your Expertise Profile, to which you can add information by clicking on the "Edit" buttons for each section. After adding information, be sure to click on "Save Changes," or the work you have just done will be lost.
  4. The sections that are most important for you to fill out are your "Mailing Address," "Contact Information," and, most of all, your "Expertise and Research Interests." It is from the section on your Expertise and Research Interests that the COS editors will pull keywords to formulate your Funding Alerts. It is not necessary to write this section using complete sentences or paragraphs. You may simply list terms that describe the research interests for which you hope to receive funding.
  5. Once you have completed filling out your Expertise and Research Interests, save your changes, and then click on "Preview your Profile" at the top of your interactive profile. You will then be able to view your Profile as others will see it once it is "published" on the Web. If you would like to add something further to your Profile, you can return to the interactive version by clicking on "Edit your Profile" at the top of the page. If you are satisfied with how your profile looks, then click on "workbench home" in the top right corner of your screen, and then on "logout" in the next screen you see. You will be returned in a moment to the COS homepage at
  6. To return to the interactive version of your Profile at any time, log in with your username and password at or You will then find yourself at your COS workbench, from which you can access your Profile by clicking on "My Profile" in the blue banner across the top of the page.

Additional Help:

For more detailed instructions on adding or updating your Expertise Profile, go to and click on "Instructions" at the top of the screen. You will also see instructions there for searching COS Expertise for other peoples' Profiles.

If you have any difficulty in accessing or updating your Profile, please contact the Office of Research Affairs at 545-5283 or by email. You may also contact COS by clicking on "Help Desk" at the top of the page at