Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

All projects involving use of live vertebrate animals for research, teaching, training, wildlife studies, experimentation, agricultural studies, biological testing, preparation of custom antibodies, and related purposes MUST have IACUC approval regardless of funding source or lack of funding, before the project starts.

An animal protocol is a contractual agreement between the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), a federally-required agent of the University of Massachusetts Amherst charged with oversight of animal welfare in research and teaching.  To keep approval current the PI must submit an Annual Update Report for IACUC review before the first and second anniversaries of the protocol approval and submit a new protocol prior to the third anniversary of protocol approval.  A protocol can be approved by the IACUC for a maximum of three years. 

It is also a PI’s responsibility to ensure animal use described in a funded proposal is covered by an approved animal use protocol and continues to be covered for the duration of the award.   There is no limit to the number of grants that can be listed on a protocol.

Further information about IACUC policies, requirements and assistance is available from the Compliance Office, Research Administration Building, 70 Butterfield Terrace, email, (413) 545-0668.