How to Add/Change Your Affiliated Institution in CITI

The steps below will assist you if you have mistakenly chosen the wrong institution, your institution has changed or you have an affiliation with more than one institution.

After logging into the CITI Home Page:

  1. From your main menu click on the link "Affiliate with another institution."
  2. Choose the correct institution from the appropriate drop down menu.
  3. Answer the member information questions required by your newly affiliated institution.
  4. Enroll in the course(s) required by your newly affiliated institution.

If you would like to receive credit for modules previously taken, there are several variables that must be met.

  1. You  must choose the same course at both institutions (i.e., Group 1 Basic/same - Biomedical Basic/same - Group 2 Refresher/same) in order to get credit. You will receive automatic credit for any modules duplicated. The modules must be identified as the same module by the unique modules ID number. Because each institution determines which modules are available in their courses not all modules will transfer.
  2. Each institution determines the time frame in which modules are transferable. This time frame can be between 1 and 10 years. Some institutions opt off of this option and to do not allow modules to transfer.