Grant Forward: How To

How To Use Grant Forward

Signing Up for an Account in Grant Forward Allows you to:

            -Set funding alerts
            -Save your searches
            -Make your searches customized to your own needs.

How do you sign up for an account?

1.) Click the following link:  This link will bring you to the sign-up page for Grant Forward.

            2.) Type in your UMass email address into the Email box.

3.) Create a password.  

            4.) Select “I am a member of a subscribing institution” for Account Type.

            5.) Select “Create My Account”

6.) An email confirmation will be sent to you UMass email address from Grant Forward.  Open it and follow the instructions within.

Searching for Funding on Grant Forward:

            There are two kinds of searches:

1.)    Basic: Use the search bar (similar to search engines like Google) and type phrases, keywords, restrictions, titles, etc into it. Once you type in your desired search, simply select Search and the results will follow.

2.)    Advanced: Advanced search provides a set of fields for targeted queries. In advanced search, you may specify general keywords, categories (similar to IRIS' Subject Keywords), sponsors and a variety of additional attributes. One or more of these fields may be combined in various ways in order to fully customize your query.

Tips for Searching in Grant Forward:

1.)    When searching for an exact title or phrase, enclose it in quotation marks.

2.)    Special restrictions, supported activities, sponsor types and other filters may be specified using the Advanced Search "Keywords" field.

3.)    Specify categories or subjects by selecting the “Categories” field.

4.)    Use the plus sign ("+") to designate words that must appear in the resulting grants.

5.)    Use the minus sign ("-") to designate words that should not appear in the resulting grants.

6.)    The + and - symbols may be combined with phrase (quoted) searching, e.g., a query of: +science -"computer science" will search for all grants containing the word "science," but not containing the phrase "computer science."

How Do you Save a Search in Grant Forward?

·         In order to save a search, "save" icon near the search bar. This will save your query keywords as well as any advanced options that have been specified.

·         In order to save a grant, simply click the "Save" icon next to the grant opportunity. This will save this grant to the "Saved Grants" area of your user account.