Formation of Submicron Patterns on Films

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This invention offers a novel but easily adapted approach to well defined and well organized hollow structures in polymers. Extremely dense submicron lithographic patterns in films have numerous applications in Microelectronics and data storage, medical and research biotechnologies, high-tech materials for insulators and adhesives. More generally, this invention is suitable for applications requiring well-defined submicron features.


Ultra-high density lithographies on films for

  • Computing: next generation data storage and microelectronics
  • Biotechnology: drug delivery systems and biomaterials

Applications also include insulating materials, ultra-thin laminations, filters, adhesives, and other uses requiring well-defined submicron features.

  • Novel and easily scaled patterning system makes use of conventional manufacturing processes
  • Simple, fast, reproducible process is inexpensive and adaptable to a wide range of polymers and geometries
  • Exceptionally high patterned densities
  • Environmentally sound
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Available for Licensing
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Patent Issued US 6,391,217 and US 7,014,786

UMA 00-05


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