FAQs for Maintaining Private Information for Subject Recruitment Purposes

1. If I have received permission to maintain individual's name, contact information and/or date of birth (publically available information), do I need to apply to the IRB to maintain this information?

NO, the subject recruitment database application is intended for University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) researchers that want to keep private information about subjects so they can screen them for future studies based on individual characteristics.

2. The guidelines for establishing a subject recruitment database indicate that the information must be maintained by “one responsible,  qualified UMass researcher.” What qualifications are necessary?

CITI-trained faculty researchers at UMASS Amherst must oversee the database. Staff working with the database Principal Investigator must also have CITI training.

3. If I have a list of names of individuals from past research studies, may I contact them to see if they are interested in being in the subject recruitment database?

Subjects from previous studies may only be contacted if they have given permission to be contacted.

4. How do I apply to establish a subject recruitment database?

Application forms for applying to maintain a database can be found on the Guidelines web page. Applications are not submitted through e-protocol.

5. Do participants to be included in the database have to sign a consent form?

Yes, in most cases it is expected that participants agreeing to be in the database will sign a consent form. A consent form template has been created for this purpose.

6. How may I recruit to add data in the database?

Recruitment into the database is done in the same fashion as in a study. All recruitment materials, including scripts, web postings, letters to subjects, advertisements, and flyers, must be submitted with the application form.

7. Who can use the information in the database?

Database PIs maintain a list of UMass researchers who are eligible to use the information for recruitment purposes. This list is provided to the IRB at the time of application.