Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant (FRG/HEG)

The Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant (FRG/HEG) is offered under the University of Massachusetts Amherst Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement internal granting program. This program was developed to particularly encourage scholarly research and creative activities by pre-tenure members of the University faculty.

FRG/HEG awards are made consonant with a philosophy of supporting the development of research and creative activities on campus. The goal of the awards is to promote excellence in research, including by increasing extramural sponsored research activity, fostering the dissemination of new research, or otherwise attracting recognition and funds for faculty research. As such the expectation is that the award will produce an effort which will enhance the researcher’s capacity to publish and to acquire future outside funding. The end result of the award, for example, may be the development of data to strengthen a larger extramural proposal or the publication of research in a peer-reviewed journal. New members of the faculty are especially encouraged to apply. All full-time UMass Amherst Faculty whose appointments extend beyond the current academic year (including those going on sabbatical) are invited to submit applications.

How To Apply: 

Final Report: 

All recipients of the Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant (FRG/HEG) are required to submit a final report within 60 days of project completion.

For More Information: 

Please contact Michelle Wonsey in the Office of Research Development at 577-3726 or by email.