External Evaluators -- Running List

Very often the solicitation will specify that an external evaluator is required.  If so, you can check with the program officer to see what their particular definition of "external" to you is. Sometimes it must be outside the university; at other times, a different unit in the university will be sufficient, especially if the unit provides evaluation services for groups outside the university.  Even if you design your own logic model and / or instruments, you will need to hire someone besides you implement them and analyze the data.


  • Office of Academic Planning and Assessment, Martha Stassen, Director
  • Alan Peterfreund, the principal with Sage Fox (formerly Peterfreund and Assoc.)
  • Mary Moriarty of Moriarty Research and Evaluation Associates (Northampton, was at NSF)
  • Echo Hill Group (EHG), Linda Marston and Dennis Bromery
  • The Donahue Institute
  • Specialists from our School of Education:

Joe Berger 

Stephen Sireci, EPRA - http://www.umass.edu/education/academics/epra/sireci.shtml

Ron Hambleton, EPRA - http://www.umass.edu/education/academics/epra/hambleton.shtml


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