Limited Submission: Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships

08/28/2014, 5:00 PM

To: All Faculty in the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Social and Behavioral Sciences

The following is a limited submission opportunity from NSF with only three nominees allowed per institution. Full proposals are to be submitted only when invited by NSF. There is no limit on the number of proposals in which an organization participates as a partner institution. The STC program will not support more than one Center from any one lead institution in this competition.

If you are interested please contact me by August 28th, 2014.

Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships

Program Description:

The Science and Technology Centers (STC): Integrative Partnerships program supports innovative research and education projects that require large-scale, long-term investments. STCs conduct world-class research through partnerships among academic institutions, national laboratories, industrial organizations, and/or other public/private entities, and via international collaborations, as appropriate. These partnerships build intellectual and physical infrastructure within or between disciplines and facilitate the creation, integration, and transfer of new knowledge.

The STC program supports important investigations at the interfaces of disciplines or fresh approaches within disciplines. STCs may involve any area of science and engineering that NSF supports. STCs exploit opportunities in science, engineering and technology where the complexity of the research agenda requires the duration, scope, scale, flexibility, and facilities that center support can provide. They help enable U.S. leadership in research in a world in which discovery, learning and innovation enterprises are increasingly interconnected, and increasingly global. Centers offer the science and engineering community a venue for interaction and an effective mechanism to undertake long-term, integrated scientific and technological research and education activities; to explore better and more effective ways to educate students; to broaden participation of underrepresented groups; and to develop

approaches to ensure the timely transfer of research and education advances made in service to society. STC partner institutions work together with the lead institution as an integrated whole to achieve the shared research, education, broadening participation, and knowledge-transfer goals of the Center.

A. Objectives of the STC Program are to:

·         Support research and education of the highest quality in a Center-based environment in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts;

·         Exploit opportunities in science, education, engineering and/or technology where the complexity of the research agenda requires the advantages of scope, scale, flexibility, duration, equipment, and facilities that a Center can provide;

·         Support innovative frontier investigations at the interfaces of disciplines and/or investigations that will lead to fresh approaches within disciplines;

·         Engage and develop the Nation's intellectual talent, including groups underrepresented in the sciences, mathematics and engineering, in the conduct of research and education activities;

·         Promote organizational connections and linkages within and between campuses, schools and/or the world beyond (e.g., state, local, Federal agencies, national labs, industry, international collaborations), capitalizing upon cyberinfrastructure to facilitate these linkages;

·         Focus on integrative learning and discovery and the preparation of U.S. students for a broad set of career paths; and

·         Foster science and/or engineering in service to society especially with respect to new research areas and promising new instrumentation and technologies.


The Office of Research Development (ORD) has compiled information on the program, including past awards, that may inform the development of your STC pre-proposal.  Please contact Loren Walker (, 7-3725) to arrange for a STC consultation and/or staff assistance with your proposal.

Sponsor Deadline:

Preliminary Proposal – December 11, 2014
Full Proposal – June 16, 2015