Limited Submission: IUSE / Professional Formation of Engineers:Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED)

08/27/2014, 5:00 PM


The following is a limited submission opportunity from NSF with only TWO proposals are allowed per institution. If you are interested in submitting to this program please email me by August 27th.

IUSE/ Professional Formation of Engineers: Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED)

Program Description:

The Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED) solicitation is the first project in the Engineering Directorate’s (ENG) multi-year initiative, the Professional Formation of Engineers, established to create and support an innovative and inclusive engineering profession for the 21st Century.

Professional Formation of Engineers (PFE) refers to the formal and informal processes and value systems through which people become engineers. It also includes the ethical responsibility of practicing engineers to sustain and grow the profession in order to improve quality of life for all peoples. Professional Formation includes, but is not limited, to:

·         Introductions to the profession at any age;
·         Acquisition of deep technical and professional skills, knowledge, and abilities in both formal and informal settings/domains;
·         Development of outlooks, perspectives, ways of thinking, knowing, and doing;
·         Development of identity as an engineer (e.g., systems designer and integrator); and
·         Acculturation to the profession, its standards, and norms.

Professional formation occurs within a Complex System that includes formal classrooms; informal settings such as Maker spaces(hands-on, do-it-yourself environments where community members gather to create, invent, and learn[2]; industry settings (including co-op and internship experiences); as well as early career (engineer-in-training (EIT)/engineering intern (EI)) work, research experiences, mentor/mentee, and sponsor/sponsoree relationships, etc. To facilitate such activities, engineers must understand and navigate this Complex System for successful professional formation and practice. They must oversee and participate in developing and maintaining this System, with smooth and clear pathways to and through the profession. Pathways may include formal and informal education, apprenticeship (in some states), credentialing, and licensure.

Sponsor Deadline:
Letter of Intent – October 28, 2014
Full Proposal – November 26, 2014