LIMITED SUBMISSION: Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance Office (CCEPA Office)

11/15/2012, 5:00 PM

To: All Faculty in the Colleges of Natural Science and Engineering




Below please find a limited submission opportunity with only one proposal allowed per institution. If you are interested in applying to this program please email me by November 15th.

Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance Office (CCEPA Office)

Program Description:

This solicitation requests proposals for the creation of the Climate Change Partnership Alliance Office (CCEPA Office). The Principal Investigator (PI) will serve as Director of the CCEPA Office and will work closely alongside all CCEP-II PIs and co-PIs to achieve the following goals: (1) Facilitate ongoing communication among CCEP-II projects through both virtual and face-to-face mechanisms; (2) Foster development of a common identity that serves the collective concerns and needs of the CCEP-II network; (3) Identify internal and external opportunities to leverage resources or develop synergistic activities; (4) Promote dissemination of information and resources both among the CCEP-II projects and to additional stakeholder communities beyond the reach of individual CCEP-II projects; and, (5) Inform and coordinate implementation of data-gathering activities associated with the program-wide evaluation that will be led by a third party contracted by NSF.

Specific responsibilities for the CCEPA Office will include, but are not limited to:

(1) Facilitating Communication:

  • Organizing and participating in regular, monthly teleconferences for the CCEPA members (i.e., the lead PIs for each CCEP-II project, or their designees);
  • Supporting the activities of any committees or working groups established by the CCEPA;
  • Coordinating the planning and logistics of an annual CCEP-II PI meeting, which will include PI's and Co-PI's for the CCEP-II projects (in some years, this meeting may be held in conjunction with a larger multi-agency Climate Change Education PI meeting, requiring additional coordination with NSF);
  • Coordinating the planning and logistics of two face-to-face meetings of the CCEPA members each year (one meeting will take place during the annual CCEP-II PI meeting and the second will be in conjunction with a CCEP-II site visit).

(2) Fostering a Common Identity

  • Creating, maintaining and updating content of the CCEP Program Website, with links to individual CCEP-II project websites;
  • Creating a private, online collaboration workspace for the CCEPA members to conduct business;
  • Developing and promoting a high-profile public identity for the CCEP Program that emphasizes its interdisciplinary nature;
  • Being a singular point of communication on behalf of the larger CCEP-II network.

(3) Identifying Synergistic and Leveraging Opportunities

  • Serving as a liaison of the larger CCEP-II network to other climate change education-related groups or organizations.
  • Organizing quarterly webinars regarding new resources, tools, or activities that may be of relevance to the CCEP-II network.
  • Maintaining a common calendar of events and programs being implemented by the individual CCEP-II projects.

(4) Promoting Dissemination

  • Developing a quarterly CCEP-II newsletter and an annual integrated CCEP-II report with project highlights and news, and maintaining an archive of these items;
  • Developing and distributing CCEP-II outreach materials through the use of traditional and new media;
  • Assisting in the organization of workshops, short courses, and sessions at national and international meetings;
  • Organizing and managing a CCEP-II booth at professional meetings and conferences;
  • Representing the CCEP-II network at research and educational conferences and public outreach events.

(5) Coordinating Program-Wide Evaluation Activities

  • Assisting with the coordination and data collection needed for program-wide evaluation by a third party contracted by NSF.

Opportunities to engage in additional activities may emerge during the five-year lifetime of the CCEP-II projects, but additional funding to support those additional activities would need to be secured through Supplemental Funding requests or contributions through other grants.

Sponsor Deadlines:

Letter of Intent – December 6, 2012
Full Proposal – February 5, 2013