Limited Submission: Andrew W. Mellon New Directions Fellowships

07/31/2013, 5:00 PM

To: All Department Heads, Chairs, Dean, and Faculty in the Colleges of Humanities and Fine Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences (Geography only) as well as the School of Education

THE ANDREW W. MELLON FOUNDATIONhas, for the first time, invited UMass Amherst to submit an application to their NEW DIRECTIONS FELLOWSHIPS PROGRAM. Average awards $175,000-$250,000; $300,000 maximum, over 3 years.

Deadline for submitting materials for internal review is Wednesday, July 31, 2013. Mellon deadline - October 11, 2013; Mellon notification - March 2014.Please send the requested materials via email to me ( ) by July 31. For technical questions please contact Linda Sopp in the Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations ( ; 5.3885)


PURPOSE:  New Directions Fellowships assist faculty members in the humanities, broadly understood to include the arts, history, languages, area studies, and zones of such fields as anthropology and geography that bridge the humanities and social sciences, who seek to acquire systematic training outside their own areas of special interest.  Serious interdisciplinary research often requires established scholar-teachers to pursue formal substantive and methodological training in addition to the PhD. This program enables strong scholars in the humanities to work on problems that interest them most, at an appropriately advanced level of sophistication.  These awards should facilitate the work of individual faculty members and benefit humanistic scholarship more generally by encouraging the highest standards in cross-disciplinary research. These Fellowships are longer-term investments in scholars’ intellectual range and productivity; they are not for short-term projects (e.g., the completion of a book).

ELIGIBILITY:  Faculty awarded doctorates within 6-12 years with research interests that call for formal training (coursework or other organized study at UMA or elsewhere) in a discipline other than the one in which they are expert. Mellon expects that many fellows will seek to acquire deeper knowledge of other fields within the humanities, but proposals to study disciplines farther afield are also eligible.  Nominee selection will be based on Mellon’s stated criteria.

AWARDS: The Foundation expects the fellow’s home institution to use budgetary relief for academic purposes, preferably in the fellow’s department. Allowable expenses:

(1) 1 academic year’s salary
(2) 2 yrs. of summer support, each at 2/9 of the previous AY salary
(3) tuition, course fees or direct training costs. 



The proposal should provide an explanation of the overall significance of the research being undertaken and how the proposed new direction will assist in the development of the field.  Please include:

(1) summary of the proposal (300 words maximum)
(2) proposal (2000 words maximum)
(3) 5 page curriculum vitae. 

Use below bolded headings in the concept paper.

(1) name, department, and department chair  in the header
(2) overall significance of the research
(3) case for the importance of extra-disciplinary training for furthering the research
(4) how the proposed new direction will assist in the development of your research and your ability to derive satisfactory results from the training.
(5) a well-developed training plan with timeline.