International Research Network Connections (IRNC)

05/14/2014, 5:00 PM

The following Program has a limited submission of two IRNC: Backbone proposals. There are no limits on INRC: RXP, INRC: NOC, IRNC: AMI or IRNC: Engage. Please reply to Michelle Wonsey by May 14th if you are interested.


International Research Network Connections (IRNC)


Program Description:

The United States research and education community communicates, cooperates, and collaborates with colleagues in the global community. Members of this community access remote instruments, data, and computational resources located throughout the world, often as part of international collaborations. Similarly, major NSF investments in large-scale science and engineering facilities located both inside and outside the United States are utilized by multi-national research and education collaborations. To support such activities, NSF solicits proposals for International Research Network Connections (IRNC).


NSF expects to make a set of awards to: (1) link U.S. research networks with peer networks in other parts of the world and leverage existing international network connectivity; (2) support U.S. infrastructure and innovation of open network exchange points; (3) drive innovation and state-of-the-art capabilities for R&E Network Operation Centers (NOC); (4) stimulate the development, application and use of advanced network measurement capabilities and services across international network paths; and (5) support community engagement and coordination in advanced network engineering. High performance network connections funded by this program are intended to support science and engineering research and education applications, and preference will be given to solutions that provide the best economies of scale and demonstrate the ability to support the largest communities of interest with the broadest services. Funded projects will assist the U.S. research and education community by enabling state-of-the-art international network services and access to increased collaboration and data services. Through extended international network connections, additional research and production network services will be enabled, complementing those currently offered or planned by domestic research networks.


This program supports international research network connections across five areas: Production network connections and services (IRNC:Backbone); Infrastructure and Innovation of U.S. R&E Open Exchange Points (IRNC: RXP); a centralized facility for NOC operations and innovation (IRNC: NOC); Advanced Network Measurement Infrastructure (IRNC: AMI); and Global R&E network engineering community engagement and coordination (IRNC: ENgage:).


Each proposal should clearly identify and justify the single focus area to which it is being submitted.


Sponsor Deadline:

July 7, 2014