High Performance Computing System Acquisiting: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering

03/05/2014, 5:00 PM

All Faculty in Computer Science and College of Engineering

The following is a limited submission opportunity from NSF with only one nominee per institution. Please email Michelle Wonsey by March 5th if you are interested in submitting to this program.

High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering


Program Description:

The purpose of this solicitation is to generate proposals from Resource Provider organizations who are committed to the delivery of world-leading High Performance Computing and Data enabled (HPC&D) resources through the XD environment described in theProgram Synopsis. This competition emphasizes the provision of systems and services that deliver significant levels of performance for many different types of science and engineering applications while also introducing new capabilities and significant innovation which will expand the value of HPC&D to the science and engineering community. With this solicitation, NSF strongly urges the community to think broadly and not simply rely on older models focused primarily on delivering compute cycles to traditional communities which use the national resources.

The current solicitation explicitly focuses attention on modalities which either have never been explored or for systems that will make the XD portfolio more responsive to the needs of a larger and more diverse scientific community.Competitive HPC&D proposals must address one or more of the following:·        

  • Complementing existing XD capabilities with new types of computational resources attuned to less traditional computational science communities;·        
  • Incorporating innovative and reliable services within the HPC environment to deal with complex and dynamic workflows that contribute significantly to the advancement of science and are difficult to achieve within XD;·        
  • Introducing new, flexible, and highly useable capabilities such as cloud computing into XD to meet national-scale requirements for new modes of computationally intensive scientific research;·        
  • Introducing new capabilities and/or reaching new communities by establishing novel, highly usable connections to other non-XD parts of the national cyber infrastructure. For example, these might include connections to other domain-specific centers housing software, sensors or instrument data thus enabling new advances in computational science;·        
  • Exploring new effective modes of engagement with campus cyber infrastructure;·        
  • Expanding the range of computationally challenging science and engineering applications that can be tackled with current XD resources. Again ease of access and usability are critical; and·        
  • Providing reliable approaches to scientific communities needing a flexible and user friendly environment. This can be achieved in a variety of ways and the proposal should explicitly provide details on how that would be achieved by their approach.

For the purposes of this solicitation, an acquisition is defined as: computing hardware, including processors and main memory, inter-connects, I/O sub-system(s); local on-line storage of sufficient size to support science and engineering research applications that use the full extent of the computing hardware; a wide-area network connection; system software including, one or more operating systems, one or more file systems, compilers and run-time libraries, mathematical libraries, debugging and program development tools, system administration and job scheduling software, user accounting software, any other software required to support the proposed resource; either dedicated nodes or small satellite systems that provide for interactive access, job preparation and staging, system management and/or remote visualization; any additional hardware or software associated with innovative aspects of the acquisition. 

For the FY 2014 proposal submission deadline, NSF is interested in receiving innovative proposals for production XD computational and data resources capable of complementing recent NSF HPC investments. The objective is to continue to diversify the NSF portfolio to include capabilities suitable for addressing emerging computationally intense scientific and engineering research topics, workflows and communities that are not optimally served by current XD or Blue Waters resources.

Sponsor Deadline:

May 14, 2014