Electronic Proposal Preparation/SmartGrant

SmartGrant (formerly GAMS)

SmartGrant is a software tool available to faculty and staff to assist them with creating proposal budgets, creating and routing the IPF and attached proposal, and in the case of Grants.gov, submitting the proposal electronically to the sponsor. You will need your UMass NetID and password to take advantage of SmartGrant. If you can not get into SmartGrant with your UMass NetID, please contact Leanne Every at every@research.umass.edu or call 545-5892. Please read "About GAMS" below.



  • UMASS Amherst is a registered NSF Fastlane user. Fastlane enables institutions to electronically submit proposals, rebudget requests, time extensions, final reports, and do other administrative grant activities. We highly recommend that you visit the Fastlane Homepage for more information. There are several programs for which proposals must be submitted through Fastlane.

    If you plan to prepare a proposal to NSF for submitting through Fastlane, please contact Mary Bryskiewicz or Kimberly Lowney for a password and general instructions applicable to UMASS procedures.

  • For information on proposal preparation try this FAQ excerpt from the NSF Fastlane homepage.
  • For advice on PDF files or technical issues see the full FAQ text.
  • For help on other questions go to "About Fastlane".