Sponsor-specific Systems

Some sponsoring agencies or entities have their own electronic systems or portals for proposal preparation and/or submission. Sometimes the PI is required to have a logon to these systems and then give OPAS the permission to review and submit and others require that OPAS log in as the PI to review and submit the proposal. Please see specific sponsor links below to get some instructions or tips on using these systems.


An electronic system that some Commonwealth of Massachusetts Agencies use.

Updated guidance forthcoming.

NSF Fastlane at UMass

FastLane and Research.gov Systems

Beginning on April 30, 2018, Principal Investigators will have the option of using Research.gov to submit Full, Research, non-collaborative proposals to NSF. Please note, RAPID, EAGER, Fellowships, Collaborative proposals, and SBIR/STTR full proposals, as well as submissions other than full proposals (letters of intent, preliminary proposals, revised budgets and renewals), all must still go through Fastlane.

The initial release of this new Research.gov capability will run in parallel with existing FastLane proposal preparation and submission capabilities. As a result, proposers can choose to prepare and submit full, research non-collaborative proposals in Research.gov or in FastLane. Other proposal types will be added to Research.gov in the future.

Please note, proposals initiated in the new system will not be available in FastLane and proposals prepared in FastLane will not be available in the new system. This new system is being developed incrementally and as capabilities are migrated from FastLane to Research.gov, the system features will expand until it eventually replaces FastLane for proposal preparation and submission.

See the NSF Sponsor-specific Resources page for more details.

FastLane and Research.gov Registration

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has made changes to the way the research community registers for NSF accounts and maintains account and user profile information in FastLane and Research.gov. Effective March 26, 2018, NSF introduced a new centralized and streamlined account registration process in Research.gov for the research community that provides each new user with a single profile and unique identifier (i.e., NSF ID) for signing in to FastLane and Research.gov for proposal and award activities.

For more details on the registration process, see the registration section of the NSF Sponsor-specific Resources

Other Resources:


The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, and other major non-profits use this proposal submission portal

Link to ProposalCentral:  https://proposalcentral.altum.com/default.asp

  • UMass is already a registered institution. You can create your own profile using the tutorials on their site. OPAS must do the final submission.

  • Ensure that the PI “enables access” for whichever OPAS director and pre-award administrator are handling the proposal. This is the only way for OPAS to view, review, approve and submit it.

  • Guidelines vary from sponsor to sponsor. The PI may need to print signature pages, sign, and send to OPAS for a Director to sign and upload before submitting.