List of Research Administration & Compliance e-Systems

Kuali Research Administration System - Research Award Administration

Kuali Help Guides, Trainings and FAQs

Key Solutions: e-Protocol EP2 - Institutional Bio-safety Committee (IBC)

Tableau Reporting - Note: Be sure to connect to GlobalProtect before clicking the Tableau links below

Kuali Research Dashboards (Award and Proposal Dashboards - coming soon)

These dashboards (coming soon) are intended for faculty and staff.

Kuali Research Dashboards (Award and Proposal Dashboards - comprehensive version)

Comprehensive award and proposal dashboards - Access to this dashboard is limited to advanced users.

Kuali Research Dashboards (Proposals in Development - Routing Maps)

View the routing maps of proposals in development as well as non-certified investigators - limited to advanced users.

Kuali - Award Setup Dashboard

View the Award setup dashboard, used to visualize the status of awards in progress - Limited to the TEST group.

Research and Library Operating Plan (RLOP) - View Participants

View which RLOP forms researchers are associated with - Access to this dashboard is limited and intended for PIs.

Research and Library Operating Plan (RLOP) - All RLOP 1 & RLOP 2 Density Dashboards

View building, floor, and room density as well as RLOP researcher details - Access to this dashboard is limited.

Build - Action List and Forms
NOTE: All Build forms require netid@umass.edu to log in. Extended email suffixes not supported (i.e. netid@research.umass.edu)

Build User Action List

View your Action List for all Build forms here

RLOP 2.0 - Form

Research and Library Operating Plan Form - 2nd Generation


RLOP Personnel Change Form

Request removal/addition of personnel for an Original RLOP or RLOP 2.0

Sponsor Request Form

Request new sponsors for Kuali Research Administration System

Organization (i.e. Subcontractor) Request Form

Request new subcontractors for Kuali Research Administration System

Approver Add/Change Form

Request Kuali Research Administration System approver changes by lead unit (dept) or parent unit (college)

Sponsored Programs Permissions Form

Request Kuali Research Sponsored Programs permissions

For more information on how to obtain access to Kuali CLICK HERE

Report Request

Request a report from Research IT



Human Subject Research Questionnaire

Feedback survey on how your research is progressing and whether you run into challenges that make it difficult to do research in a timely manner


Professional Name Request Form

Use this form to request a name for use on proposals and awards that is different from your legal name

Pre-establishment of Account Agreement

Use this form to request a pre-establishment of account