DOED e-GRANTS process

Procedures on initiating the submission of an electronic proposal via US DOE’s e-Application system:

1)      Go to: .  Review "9 Steps to Submission".  Log in if you are already registered.  If you are a new user, register here.

e-application front page

2)      Email your user name to John Fillio at OGCA:  If you’re already registered, email your user name and the user names of any other collaborating individuals who will need access to your proposal (i.e. your business manager, secretary, or other collaborators that will work with you in uploading the proposal).  In the same email, provide the CFDA number and name of the program, for example, CFDA # 84.022A, Fullbright Hays Research Abroad Program. 

Carol Sprague, Director, OGCA, is the Application Manager and the individual authorized to submit your proposal.  Once OGCA receives your user name(s), OGCA will open up access for you to initiate uploading your proposal on the e-Application website. 

3)      OGCA will notify you when the site is ready for you to initiate proposal upload.  Once you receive that notice from us, you will log in as noted above at :  Go to your “Start Page” – see menu, top left.  The Start Page shows all those proposals associated with your user name.  Select the applicable Application Package and begin the steps of uploading your proposal.  See below for sample Start Page.

4)      Complete those items listed under “Application Forms” as applicable.  When each section is finished, be sure to check “Form Completed” and then click “Save”

ED Form 424, use information provided below and complete the form page with your PI/Grant specific information.

5)      When your application is complete and the files are uploaded, email John Fillio, and Carol Sprague, to let OGCA know that your proposal is ready for review.  OGCA will review your proposal and submit.  In your email, please attach electronic copies of your proposal in MS Word, or Word Perfect, preferably the former, in case corrections are required.  Please remember that your proposal must be uploaded, and fully complete including an Internal Processing Form (IPF) within 5 working days of the deadline.