Community Contacts for Researchers

UMass Amherst is so large (and so decentralized) that it is foolhardy to suppose that one can make a complete inventory of community contacts.  If we are to expand the infrastructure to help faculty navigate the links, an inventory is a necessary first step.  Our goal is a framework for getting an overview through which one can drill down for details on a "need-to-know" basis.
Note: I am being intentionally vague about the actual community contact. If you want to discuss ideas for partnering where others are or have been, please start with the UMass contact first.  Community links are precious and must be continuously nurtured.  They expect some coordination on our part to keep them from being overwhelmed.

  Area Community Contact UMass Amherst Contact
Springfield Partnership All Springfield Mayor's office Amy Glynn, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations
Springfield Schools Speech & Hearing   Communication Disorders, Frances Burns, Mary Andrianopolous
  Science Education   Kathy Davis, Mort Sternheim
  Counseling Services   CSCOR (Jay Carey; Carey D.), Sara Littlecrow Russell
  Youth-Build Putnam School Simi Hoque
  Student Teachers SPS School of Education, Bridges to the Future, Kathy Davis, Kathy Gagne
  Engineering Education   Circuits and Beats, Baird Soules (ECE)
  Safe Schools   Sara Littlecrow Russell (for Trio grants)
  Renaissance School (principal) Sara Littlecrow Russell
Holyoke Schools      
  Holyoke Boys and Girls Club (After school science club) Carol Soules, OCSL
Amherst Schools ARPS  Dir. of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment, Beth Graham ( (Barbara Pearson, ORD); Carol Soules & John Reiff, Community Service Learning
  ARPS  Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Stender (

(Barbara Pearson, ORD)

Bob Maloy, TEAMS for Middle School

  H.S. Science Mary McCarthy  
Other local schools PVSTEMNet (all Pioneer Valley schools) STEM Education Institute, Kathy Baker, Mort Sternheim
Community groups Teatro Vida (youth theater) Magdalena Gomez Sara Littlecrow Russell
  Latino Breakfast Club   Sara Littlecrow Russell
Community Colleges Clean Energy STCC Ray K. Mann
  IT education and outreach All 15 MA Community Colleges CAITE, Rick Adrion, Renee Fall
Economic Development Precision Manufacturing Local chapter, Nat'l Tooling & Mach. Assoc Jim Capistran, SF Partnership for Innovation
  Urban Design Center (at Court Square) Mayor architecture programs/ LARSP
  The Incubator STCC/ Scibelli Technol. Park Marla Michel
  Area Local Contact UMA Contact
Health Services Health Career Opportunity Program (HCOP) middle and high school students in Spgfld, Holyoke, and Greenfield Donahue Institute, Sanford Jeames, Sharon Faherty
Community Action Nuestras Raices (food related programs) Allen Barker


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