Clone Proposal Creation - SmartGrant

Sometimes a proposal has been submitted and the PI wants to use it to submit to another sponsor or to use the previous GPID# to submit the proposal again if it wasn't funded the first time. To do this you can benefit from previous work by Cloning the original proposal.

To Clone a proposal in SmartGrant:

  1. Log in to SmartGrant
  2. Click Proposal Functions
  3. Click Create/Update Proposal
  4. Click Clone Proposal
  5. A list will come up - pick the one you want to clone
  6. A new record will open with the title, budget, and personnel intact
  7. You need to choose the sponsor and subprogram again 
  8. Click Update and a new GPID# will be issued
  9. Continue on to edit the project periods, the budget and the IPF etc. as needed.
  10. Upload supporting files or edit FastGrant forms as appropriate
  11. Route the proposal as you normally would

NOTE: In order to bring in current rates (salary and fringe) for named people whose salaries are coming from the HR profile, it may be necessary to 1) delete the person(s) in the Intro Proposal Data screen, enter a "dummy" person preferably from the same department, or yourself, 2) then update, go back in and delete the "dummy" person and re-enter the person(s) who are actually on the proposal, 3) Click the Depts/%Credit icon and remove any departments that may have been added from the dummy person, 4) and then repopulate the effort in the budget.  This will bring in current rates if they have changed since the original submission. If there have been no changes since submission, this is not a necessary step.