NSF CAREER Grants at UMass Amherst, 2007-2012

Here is an approximate "scorecard" for UMass Amherst CAREERs.  For other Early Career awards, click here. 
To give you the punchline in advance, the lesson from this page is

APPLY! (you can't get it if you don't apply).

  FY Year Odds Comment
  2015 7 of 22 32%
  2014 4 of 24 17%
  2013 5 of 22 23%
  2012 5 of 22 23%
  2011 3 of 17 18%
  2010 4 of 19 21%
  2009 7 of 13* 54%
  2008 7 of 20 35%
  2007 7 of 24 29%
    49/183 27%

* stimulus year
From FY 2007- 2015, the rate of successful applications is 26% (as in the table).  Sequester and funding squeezes are taking their toll, but the campus success rate is still relatively high.  Given multiple applications, between 2007 and 2014, 45 of 93 applicants (48%) have gotten the award.  21 were successful on first application, 17 on second, 7 on third. Only 9 people applied 3 times (the limit) and were unsuccessful 3 times.  So apply, and then apply again.
(Lower funding rates post-stimulus stem from fewer awards and more applications, which represents a nation-wide trend.) 

2015: 22 applications, (awards: 2 first timers, 4 on second try, 1 on third try.  No one cycled out (3 unsuccessul applications)--I'm still confirming that.

2014: 24 applications.  4 awards.  Still waiting for the final tally.

2013: 22 applications, 9 for the first time, 10 for the second time, and 3 for the third time.  (Four 2nd timers and 1 first timer got the award (all men).  Three others were "fund if possible," so they were close! 

2012 breakdown:
22 applied this year, 12 for the first time, 7 for the second time and 3 for the third time.
Awardees by attempts: 1 on first application (1/12 = 8%), 3 on second application (43%), and 1 (33%) on third application.  Success rate, percentage-wise, was better on subsequent tries.  Three awards went to women (of 7 applying); one award to a man( of 15 applying.)

BY Department

Here is a tally by department (2007 to 2012). One department stands out (although it hasn't gotten any in the last 2 years).  You might check with your Program Officer whether the stats for Careers from your division are more or less favorable than from other units or other funding mechanisms. I attach some NSF statistics for you to peruse.  I do not at present have a way to find which directorate someone applied to (unless they are successful), so I can't attach appropriate comparisons by field. You can download 2011 funding rates taken from the NSF website here (pdf). (Warning: People tend to take NSF "funding rates" with a grain of salt, but we seem to do slightly better than the average.)

Department awards applications
Biology 3 8
Chemistry 2 13
Chem Engineering             6 12
Civil & Env. Engineering 3 20
Computer Science 12 21
Electrical Engineering 9 20
Geosciences 1 1
Math & Statistics 2 5
Mech/Industrial Eng 3 14
Physics 4 22
Polymer Science 3 8
Psychology 2 10
Sociology 1 1
Vet & Animal Science 1 3
Other depts 0 30

(This table is somewhat approximate: was hard to update...)

By PI:
Here is an alphabetical list for the 40 CAREER Awardees since 2007, followed by the names of now-senior faculty who received the award.

PI NAME Dept Year
Albertson, Craig Bio 2011
Babaev, Egor Physics 2010
Baker, Erin MIE 2008
Balasubramanian, Hari MIE 2013
Bardin, Joseph Elec Eng 2014
Berger, Emery CS 2007
Bermudez, Harry Polymer Sci 2009
Bezanilla, Magdalena Bio  2008 (Pecase)
Brock, Oliver CS 2007
Brown, Casey Civil/Env. Eng 2011 (Pecase)
Brun, Yuriy CS 2015
Butler, Caitlyn Civil/Env. Eng 2015
Cadonati, Laura Physics 2010
Cooke, Michele Geo 2007
Corner, Mark CS 2007
Davidovitch, Benny Physics 2012
Davis, Jeffrey Chem. Eng. 2007
Daio, Yanlei CS 2008
Dauenhauer, Paul Chem Eng. 2013
Fu, Kevin CS 2009
Grason, Greg Polymer 2010
Hayward, Ryan Polymer 2008 (Pecase)
Holden, Matt Chemistry 2013
Huber, George Chem Eng. 2008
Irwin, David Elec Eng 2013
Kittilstved, Kevin Chemistry 2015
Lau, Boris Civil/Env. Eng. 2015
Marlin, Ben CS 2014
Marquard, Jenna MIE 2012
McGregor, Andrew CS 2010
Meliou, Alexandra CS 2015
Oblomkov, Alexei Math/Stat 2014
Papachristos, Andrew Sociology 2012
Patek, Sheila Bio 2012
Peyton, Shelly Chem Eng. 2015
Pishro-Nik, Hossein Elec Eng 2009
Polizzi, Eric Elec Eng 2009
Santangelo, Christian Physics 2009
Scott, Lisa Psychology 2011
Smaragdakis, Yannis CS 2009
Starns, Jeff Psychology/ Brain Sciences 2015
Sun, Lianhong Chem Eng. 2008
Telfer, Janice Vet Animal Sci 2007
Venkataramani, Arun CS 2009
Wang, Rui CS 2008
Xia, Qiangfei Elec Eng 2013
Zhang, Hongkun Math and Statistics 2012
Zink, Mike Elec Eng 2014

Previous awardees (before 2007):  Adler, Micah; Auerbach, Scott; Bhatia, Surita; Brainerd, Elizabeth; Coughlin, Edward Bryan; Dasgupta, Nilanjana; Emrick, Todd; Ganesan, Deepak; Gao, Robert; Goeckel, Dennis; Learned-Miller, Erik; Levine, Brian; Menon, Narayanan; Metz, Ricardo; Miklau, Gerome;  Muriel, Ana; Normark, Ben; Podos, Jeffrey; Qiu, Yin-Long; Reising, Steven; Roberts, Susan; Rotello, Vincent; Rothstein, Jonathan; Schweik, Charles; Shenoy, Prashant; Sitaraman, Ramesh; Sottile, Frank; Tew, Gregory; Thayumanavan, Sankaran; Venkataraman, Dhandapani; Watkins, James; Wolf, Tilman; Zheng, Zhi (Alex) Q.

PECASE (Presidental Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers). This award recognizes the top 100 CAREER awardees: Bezanilla, Magdalena; Hayward, Ryan; Tew, Greg; Ford, David (before UMass); and Brown, Casey (while at Columbia). BriseƱo, Alex received the PECASE honor for his Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research.

This information came from a Jordan On-Line report, and is subject to errors in my data manipulation.  Please contact Bpearson@research.umass.edu with additions or corrections.

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