Broader Impacts--March 8 program (poster and legend)

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Office of Research Development & CNS Broader Impacts Committee present:


THURSDAY MARCH 8, 2012;3:30-5 PM

      CAMPUS CENTER 1001

       (Light refreshments will be served.)

Broader Impacts??!  

AGAIN??!  Didn’t we already do this?!

Review the Basics, Explore Novel Ideas, Make Connections:



  • New courses with your research topic
  • Undergraduate participation in research
  • K-12 outreach
  • STEM Ed/STEMNET, MAS, Service Learning, IT minor
  • Campus resources for diversity
  • NEAGEP, College of Engineering Diversity Programs Office, LSAMP, Student Bridges, CAITE, Extension
  • Capstone projects with non-majors


  • Collaboration with HBCUs/ EPSCOR
  • Collaboration with humanities or social scientists:
  • Cook up a Gen ED in history or dance that helps people visualize your project
  • Use the Integrative Experience program or Freshman Scholars to expand your audience.
  • Explore the IT Minor
  • Using REU/RET supplements
  • Training citizen-scientists

Register at:

Panelists include your colleagues:

Kathleen Arcaro, Integrative Experience, BI in foundation funded research; Todd Emrick, MRSEC, HBCU; Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Art and Physics collaboration;Julian Tyson, the Arsenic Project;  Arun Venkataramani, NSF supplements;Elizabeth Vierling,  NSF Program Officer (BIO/MCB), 2008-2010.

Representatives of NEAGEP, Mass Academy of Sciences, CoE Diversity Programs Office, CAITE, LSAMP, Office of Community Engagement and Service Learning, STEM Ed, the IT Minor, & CNS Extension will also be on hand.

Organized by ORD Academic Liaison, Barbara Pearson, bpearson@research.umass.eduand the CNS Working Group on Broader Impacts, Julian Tyson, Sally Powers, Elizabeth Vierling, William Miller and Martina Nieswandt. 

                             ACRONYM LEGEND

BI (C) Broader Impacts (Component)
BIO/MCB Biology Directorate/ Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
CAITE Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education
CESL Community Engagement and Service Learning
CNS Exten. College of Natural Sciences Extension
CoE DPO College of Engineering Diversity Programs Office
Gen Ed General Education (graduation requirements)
HBCU Historically Black Colleges and Universities
IT Minor Information Technology Minor
IE Integrative Experience
LSAMP Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
MAS Massachusetts Academy of Science
MRSEC Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
NEAGEP Northeast Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate
PVSTEMNET Pioneer Valley STEM Network
REU/RET Research Experience for Undergraduates/ RE for Teachers
STEM Ed STEM Education Institute

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