Award Setup and Processes in SmartGrant

Though all proposals are processed through SmartGrant, OGCA also creates new but related records to process awards. These award records often have the root number of the proposal that preceded the award but with an 'a#' extension. The 'a' indicates award, and the # is the sequential number of the award. These numbers do not always follow a consistent pattern and should not be taken to mean anything in particular.

The award records are routed, much like proposals, when a Principal Investigator Award Agreement (PIAA) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are required to process the award. These are part of a formset that an OGCA award staff member selects in SmartGrant under Non-Budget Information>Print Forms. If there is only a PIAA required, then OGCA starts the routing. If an MOU is required because there are Co-PIs or it is a multi-PI award, then the PI starts the routing and subsequently Accepts the "proposal" (award) and the other members of the routing map receive notifications to approve. In either case, OGCA sends an alert email with some instructions to the PI and the Co-PIs when appropriate. Accepting the award puts the approvers' signature on the PIAA and/or the MOU.

When the award is complete in SmartGrant, the budget has been loaded and the needed forms signed, we convey the award to the Controller's office electronically and they take it from there. Below are some points of information about this award process in SmartGrant.

  • OGCA award staff sets up an award file (record) in SmartGrant
  • If needed, a notification is sent to the PI to review the terms of the award and his/her responsibilities by looking at the award and the PIAA in SmartGrant
  • If only a PIAA is needed the PI approves the award in SmartGrant thereby putting his/her signature on the PIAA
  • If needed, the PI fills out the MOU, and after initiating routing, approves the award thereby putting his/her signature on the PIAA and the MOU
  • The PI must complete the MOU before approving
  • The award is then forwarded via SmartGrant to the next level of approvers and continues to OGCA
  • If there is an MOU, the Co-PI's names and signatures will be on the PIAA even if they are not needed - this is ok, the second page may be ignored or discarded
  • Delays in this step will delay the award set up and the availability of funds