Wideband Loop Antenna

Primary Inventors: 

A physical design improvement  that offers wide frequency band performance in loop antennas, allowing operation with a voltage standing wave ratio of less than two (VSWR <2). The general shape employs two unequal ellipses, the feed region is kept wide and the grounded end kept narrow. Additionally, this design can operate as either a full-loop or half-loop and operate with systems of specific characteristic impedance.  The antenna can be backed with or without a substrate to adjust performance.


Ultra wideband applications and RFID tagging


The primary advantage, over standard loop antennas, is the wide frequency band performance, as well as the ability to make the antenna smaller than standard size.

The design can operate as a half or full loop, and pieces of the surface conductor may be removed to change radiation characteristics. Excellent radiation patterns for
omnidirectional coverage.

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Available for Licensing and/or Sponsored Research
Patent Status: 
UMA 06-15
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